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Athletic Nutrition 101

A sports nutrition guide to help you reach any performance goal

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Attention: All Coaches, Athletes, and Parents!

For the first time you can now find a comprehensive Sports Nutrition Guide to help you reach any performance goal.This program has been researched and reviewed by some of the best in the business when it comes to Sports Nutrition. Here is what they had to say...

"I had the chance to review Travis' athletic nutrition book and I believe it is an outstanding resource on the subject. It combines credible science and is highly practical, easily one of the best I've read."

Robb Wolf
2 Time New York Times Best Selling Author
Research Biochemist

And here's one more...

Dr. Eric Helms
Renowned Nutritional Expert
Team 3DMJ Coach
PNBA Pro Qualified Bodybuilder
IPF Raw Powerlifter

"Travis has done solid work compiling a great deal of research in order to comprehensively explain nutrition for athletes in this book. It covers not only the physiology but also provides practical information for implementation."

Athletic Nutrition 101 Benefits

Becca at 290 lbs. on the left and 190 lbs. on the right a little over a year later. Incredible 100lbs. transformation from simply following the Reno Speed School training and nutritional program!

Becca Ormsby
Scott Underwood

Scott gained 20lbs in 4 months.

“As an NFL athlete I’ve trained all over America and working with Travis, his hands on approach, challenged me as an athlete. His knowledge, passion, and work ethic is amazing. I recommend Travis to anyone who aspires to reach their athletic goals.”

Josh Barrett
Former NFL Starting Safety
Angie Christiensen

Angie dropped a remarkable 80 lbs. on our system; slimming down from 225 lbs. down to 145 lbs. Angie also has clinically confirmed hypothyroidism which makes this transformation even more impressive!

Andy gained 25lbs in 6 months

Andy Calingaert
Jeff Rowe
Former NFL Quarterback
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“After training with both the Cincinnati Bengals and University of Nevada strength staffs, and also Athletes Performance, which could arguably have the best athletic trainers in the country. I feel strongly that Travis has the knowledge and the ability to easily compare to all three. Within a few short weeks Travis improved my flexibility, improved my knowledge of both nutrition and recovery, and was a pleasure to work with. It’s great to know that I’ve found a trainer for a long time to come.”

So what exactly sets this book apart from the hundreds of other nutritional texts promising instant high quality results and credible information? The answer is that in this book I will introduce to you literally every single sports nutrition topic you could think of, and back it up with legitimate science. Here is some of what you will find inside...

#1-Nearly two dozen discussion topics relating to carbohydrates and why they are indeed essential for every single athlete regardless of their sport type. It's about time to put all of this nonsense to rest that carbs are bad for you, or that they make you fat, slow, and unhealthy! Carbohydrates are a very reliable source of human energy our body needs to elevate itself to the next level as an athlete. Period! Here are some concerns you might have in regards to carbohydrates that will be thoroughly answered inside the book along with scientific research and supporting evidence!

  • Why carbohydrates lower stress levels in the human body

  • Why carbohydrates are the preferred source of fuel while training at high intensities

  • Why carbohydrates help with sleep, mental state, and with management of hunger and appetite levels

  • Why carbohydrates improve hydration levels

  • And last but not least, why carbohydrates spare muscle mass, assist in muscle growth and repair and raise our metabolism

#2-Learn many of the reasons why healthy fats help serve you as an athlete and complement the other two main sources of food in protein and carbohydrates.

#3-A quick primer on protein intake will be covered to help solidify most of what you probably already know, along with recent research on the nutrient and perhaps some more information that you may not have heard of before to help in your quest towards better performance.

#4-20 information packed FAQ's discussing common topics, such as; whether or not eating breakfast is important for an athlete, how to improve insulin functioning, examining a not so common source of fat, proper hydration, fiber consumption, supplement timing, and much more.

#5-Last but not least, I break down 12 of the most highly hyped and well known supplements into three applicable categories for you so you know what works and what doesn't, and what supplements fall somewhere in the middle based on REAL science!

Along with loads of top notch information, I help you piece it all together so you know exactly what to eat, when to eat it, and precisely how much to eat for your current body type and weight! This book delivers 20 customized meals that are time honored and proven to accommodate all of your calorie and nutrient needs to help you reach your goals- whether they’re fat loss, weight maintenance, muscle building, and or maximal performance!

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About The Author

Travis Hansen

Creator of The Speed Encyclopedia
Speed Director for The International Sports Sciences Association